Middle School

Middle school is a time of transition. 

The middle school years are marked by a time of developing independence and social relationships. Students are discovering their own strengths, talents, and interests. At North Hardin Christian School, the process of entering adolescence is carefully nurtured.

Emphasis is placed on preparing students for the comprehensive curriculum of the high school by developing good study skill and discipline for more advanced academic work.

North Hardin Christian School utilizes a wide range of secular and Christian curriculum for its students' needs, including such well-known names as McDougal Littell, Positive Action for Christ, A-Beka, and Bob Jones Press. Click here to access a list of current textbooks used. Textbooks and materials for every subject are reviewed every year to ensure an acquisition of the most up-to-date curriculum available. Guidance for NHCS benchmarks and standards is derived by comparisons with other schools via yearly testing through Stanford Achievement Tests.

Middle and high school students are brimming with the anticipation of what is to come. NHCS opens the door of opportunity with highly qualified teachers who come along side of students as they focus on integrating faith with learning. Christian teachers and administrators who love the Lord and the students are the catalyst for role modeling faith in action. The energetic atmosphere paired with knowledgeable teachers encourages the student to excel in challenging, academic classes and to develop a heart of servant leadership. North Hardin Christian School focuses on providing opportunities that will help each student develop their God given talents to the fullest and establish a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

All middle school students continue to grow in an understanding of Godís Word and His truth, which will provide guidance for the rest of their lives. This is accomplished through daily Bible classes, weekly chapel programs and age appropriate Bible instruction. Students are also given opportunities to grow by serving others.

The sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students follow a traditional six-period day, changing classes for each subject.

At North Hardin Christian School, our teachers are very sensitive to the academic, physical, spiritual and social needs of the middle school student. With these needs in mind, middle school teachers work to provide activities to help make the transition between elementary and high school easier.

By the time they leave middle school, students will have had exposure to art, music, drama, creative writing, math enrichment, computer and physical education in addition to the required curriculum. They will have also had the opportunity to participate in clubs, Teen Court, Mock Trials, and community events. Athletically, NHCS middle school offers soccer, basketball, softball, baseball, soccer, golf, cross country, and cheerleading.

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