Primary Center

College begins in Kindergarten…and affordable quality education begins at NHCS!

NHCS offers both half and full-day programs to three and four year old students. Our children learn how to become good students and how to prepare for their education. Most of our four-year old students are reading before they even reach kindergarten.

The Primary Center is specially designed for preschool and kindergarten students. Our facility is secured by magnetic locking doors and key code entry. NHCS students are given the advantage of an advanced curriculum in combination with a fun learning environment. An outdoor park is adjacent to the Primary Center, making playtime more accessible and safe. NHCS students have access to advanced academics, Spanish, child care, and athletics.

Three and Four-Year-Old Preschool

The preschool faculty at NHCS is devoted to helping your child prepare for the classroom. While academic instruction is a priority, our primary goal in preschool is to help each student learn how to listen and pay attention during class time. We want our preschoolers prepared to be good students. Preschoolers are taught self-discipline in a fun learning atmosphere. Key aspects of the NHCS structured program include:

  • Academic instruction including numbers, letters, phonics, writing, reading, computers, foreign language, and readiness skills.
    • Students are instructed to read, write, and sound out the alphabet
    • Students are instructed to count and write numbers 1-100
    • Students are instructed to read phonics blends, small words, and short stories.
    • Students have access to educational technology through our two smartboards.
    • Students are introduced to community helpers such as state troopers, fire fighters, medical workers, etc.
    • Students are taken on fun and educational field trips. Such trips can include the Louisville Zoo, Blazer’s Fun Zone, Robert’s Family Farm, Radcliff Fire Station, Louisville Science Center, Hardin County Library, etc.
  • Learning to play/work with peers
  • Learning to be silent when necessary
  • Learning to walk in organized lines to and from the classroom
  • Learning respect towards adults by addressing them properly i.e.“yes, ma’am/No sir”
  • Learning to raise their hand when they have a question

These foundational rules in our program create disciplined students ready for educational success. NHCS faculty helps each student achieve their personal best through caring classroom control. Classroom rules are reinforced by a system of positive/negative discipline system. Each student begins every day with a clean slate. After adequate reminders and warnings, a student may lose a portion of their play time or similar punishment. Serious behavior issues are handled with the following policy:

The teacher works to correct the offense/behavior with the child. If the offense/behavior continues, the teacher will then involve the Primary Center Supervisor whose goal is the get the child back into the classroom. If the pattern continues the parents are contacted. It is ultimately the parents responsibility to correct the behavior of the child.

Admission Requirements

Beginning the 2015 School Year, a student must be three (3) by August 1 in order to be eligible for admission.

  1. The student must be completely potty trained.
  2. The student must be able to properly respond to authority.

Class sizes are set to 12 students per K-3 class and 20 students per K-4 class. NHCS offers multiple classes of each age level. However, space is limited. Classes fill very quickly with a waiting list. If you are interested in obtaining more information about the preschool program at NHCS, please contact the school office at (270) 351-7700 or email [email protected] The Primary Center handbook is also posted on the admissions page of our website. Please take the time to carefully review this publication prior to making an appointment with administration. We look forward to hearing from you!