School Safety Procedures

NHCS considers the safety and care of your children as a privilege.

  • Our campus is considered a secure campus. Doors remain locked during school hours, visitors are required to check in and wear a visitor pass while on the campus.

  • Background checks are run on volunteers before they begin working in classrooms, coaching soccer, or going on field trips.

  • Safety Drills: fire, tornado and lockdown, are conducted in compliance with state codes. We utilize parent phone notification system in the event of lockdown, and when lockdown drills are conducted. 

  • Staff is trained in CPR, first aid and on the automated external defibrillator (AED). An AED is available in the main building.

  • Monthly safety inspections are conducted on the campus along with quarterly playground inspections.

  • Security cameras are located throughout the campuses.

  • Students are held in the gymnasium during dismissal until an approved pickup individual arrives.

  • Administration oversees the Morning Drop Off and Afternoon Pickup in our parking lots to ensure safety and security of our students.